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Winter 2022
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Winter 2022
Stay Tru to what makes you unique!
Our story
The why behind the wolf

Since he was a kid, CEO and Founder, Jordan Appleton, was always infatuated with WOLVES, and how they displayed elite levels of Patience, Aggressivness, Unity, and Strength.

Back in January of 2019, Jordan was brainstorming with his friends about ways in which he could mix those wolf-like qualities with a cultural brand that encouraged: Peak Fitness, Forward Thinking, and Staying TRU to what made people unique.

After a few hours of deep thought, and a few cups of coffee, BOOM! Truwolf Apparel was born!

Since then, the Truwolf family has impacted customers throughout North America, and has visions of becoming the global apex of athletic design and comfort, while encouraging all to live BEYOND the limitations of their body and mind.  

So just to be clear, your TRUWOLF is not only your higher self, but the person you would be if you MAXED OUT your potential!

Customer Satisfaction

We consistently make it a top priority to have our customers experience world-class service with every order. However, we are human, so if there are ANY issues with an order, we can either swap, or even give a full refund. No questions asked!